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About Scott County, Missouri

Nestled in southeastern Missouri, Scott County thrives with natural beauty, community spirit, and economic vitality. Spanning 426 square miles, it rests in the fertile Bootheel region, renowned for its productive agricultural land.

With around 39,000 residents, Scott County fosters a close-knit community where vibrant events and organizations create strong bonds. Festivals, fairs, parades, and sporting events unite locals, supporting businesses and celebrating together.

Agriculture drives Scott County’s economy, with fertile soil nurturing crops like cotton, soybeans, corn, and wheat. Livestock, including cattle and hogs, also contribute to the county’s agricultural tapestry.

As a regional hub, Sikeston fuels economic growth with diverse industries, including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and retail. Its dynamic economy benefits the entire region.

Education takes priority, with excellent institutions like the Scott County Central School District and the Sikeston R-6 School District providing comprehensive education from early years to high school, preparing students for success.

Nature enthusiasts find solace in Scott County’s parks and recreational areas. Scott City Park, Sikeston Recreation Complex, and Kelso Conservation Area offer hiking, fishing, and camping opportunities, providing moments of respite in the county’s rural charm.

Scott County embraces its rural character, flourishing with a thriving agricultural heritage, growing population, and promising economic prospects. With its sense of community, stunning landscapes, and abundant opportunities, Scott County beckons residents and visitors to explore its charm and potential.

- Opportunities

Explore Scott City's Leading and Growing Industries

Scott County, Missouri offers a range of opportunities across various sectors and industries. Below are some of the most notable opportunities in Scott County.

Employment Opportunities

Scott County may have job openings in industries such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and professional services. Specific opportunities may include positions in administration, customer service, sales, skilled trades, healthcare professionals, teachers, and more.

Education and Training

Scott County likely has educational institutions that provide opportunities for both traditional and non-traditional students. These institutions may offer programs in various fields, including business, healthcare, technology, and trades.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Scott County may provide support for local businesses and entrepreneurs. Economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, and business incubators may offer resources, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs for those looking to start or expand their businesses.

Community Involvement

Scott County likely has a vibrant community with opportunities for individuals to get involved. You may find volunteer opportunities with local charities, nonprofit organizations, schools, and community centers. These activities can provide a chance to contribute to the community while gaining valuable experience.

Recreation and Outdoor Activities

If you enjoy outdoor activities, Scott County might offer opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and other recreational pursuits. Parks, trails, and recreational facilities may be available for residents and visitors to enjoy.

- Economic Development

Fostering Growth and Attracting Businesses

Scott County continues to promote economic growth and development in the region. The county government, along with various community organizations and business groups, has been actively involved in supporting local businesses and attracting new investments. Here are a few key factors that contribute to economic development in Scott County:


Scott County benefits from its strategic location in southeastern Missouri. It is situated near major transportation routes, including Interstate 55 and the Mississippi River. This provides businesses with convenient access to regional and national markets.


The county has invested in developing and maintaining infrastructure, including roads, utilities, and broadband internet connectivity. These improvements support the growth of businesses and encourage further investment in the area.

Business-friendly Environment

Scott County aims to create a favorable business environment by offering incentives, tax breaks, and streamlined permitting processes for new and expanding businesses. The county government collaborates with local economic development organizations to provide resources and assistance to entrepreneurs and companies.

Workforce Development

The county recognizes the importance of a skilled workforce to attract and retain businesses. Efforts are made to provide training programs and educational opportunities to equip residents with the skills needed for the evolving job market.

Diverse Economic Sectors

Scott County has a mix of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and retail. This diversity helps mitigate economic risks and creates opportunities for growth in different sectors.

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